Chapter 9. Variables of the postfix role in System Roles

The postfix role variables allow the user to install, configure, and start the postfix Mail Transfer Agent (MTA).

The following role variables are defined in this section:

  • postfix_conf: It includes key/value pairs of all the supported postfix configuration parameters. By default, the postfix_conf does not have a value.

If your scenario requires removing any existing configuration and apply the desired configuration on top of a clean postfix installation, specify the previous: replaced option within the postfix_conf dictionary:

An example with the previous: replaced option:

  previous: replaced
  • postfix_check: It determines if a check has been executed before starting the postfix to verify the configuration changes. The default value is true.

For example:

postfix_check: true
  • postfix_backup: It determines whether a single backup copy of the configuration is created. By default the postfix_backup value is false.

To overwrite any previous backup run the following command:

# *cp /etc/postfix/ /etc/postfix/*

If the postfix_backup value is changed to true, you must also set the postfix_backup_multiple value to false.

For example:

postfix_backup: true
postfix_backup_multiple: false
  • postfix_backup_multiple: It determines if the role will make a timestamped backup copy of the configuration.

To keep multiple backup copies, run the following command:

# *cp /etc/postfix/ /etc/postfix/$(date -Isec)*

By default the value of postfix_backup_multiple is true. The postfix_backup_multiple:true setting overrides postfix_backup. If you want to use postfix_backup you must set the postfix_backup_multiple:false.


The configuration parameters cannot be removed. Before running the postfix role, set the postfix_conf to all the required configuration parameters and use the file module to remove /etc/postfix/

9.1. Additional resources

  • /usr/share/doc/rhel-system-roles/postfix/