Chapter 9. Setting up a printer

In GNOME, you can set up printing using the Settings application.

9.1. Accessing printer settings in GNOME


  1. Use one of the approaches described in Launching applications to start the Settings application.

    Moreover, you can also start the Settings application from the system menu in the upper right corner by clicking on the "Settings" icon.

    System menu

  2. When the Settings application GUI appears, go to Printers.

    Figure 9.1. GNOME Control center configuration tool

    gnome control center add printer 9

9.2. Adding a new printer in Settings

You can add a new printer using the Settings application.


  • Click the Unlock button, which appears near the upper-right corner of the Printers screen, and authenticate as one of the following users:

    • Superuser
    • Any user with the administrative access provided by sudo (users listed within /etc/sudoers)
    • Any user belonging to the printadmin group in /etc/group


  1. Open the Printers dialog.

    gnome control center add printer 9
  2. Click on Unlock and authenticate.

    add printer gcc unlock authenticate 9
  3. Select one of the available printers (including also network printers), or enter printer IP address or the host name of a printer server.

    gnome control center select printer 9
    gnome control center add network printer 9
  4. Confirm your selection by clicking Add in the top right corner.

    gnome control center add network printer confirm 9

9.3. Printing a test page in Settings

You can print a test page to make sure that the printer functions properly.


  • A printer has been set up.


  1. Click the settings (⚙️) button on the right to display a settings menu for the selected printer:

    gnome control center printer settings 9
  2. Click Printing OptionsTest Page.