Chapter 9. Transferring SELinux settings to another system with semanage

Use the following steps for transferring your custom and verified SELinux settings between RHEL 9-based systems.


  • The policycoreutils-python-utils package is installed on your system.


  1. Export your verified SELinux settings:

    # semanage export -f ./my-selinux-settings.mod
  2. Copy the file with the settings to the new system:

    # scp ./my-selinux-settings.mod new-system-hostname:
  3. Log in on the new system:

    $ ssh root@new-system-hostname
  4. Import the settings on the new system:

    new-system-hostname# semanage import -f ./my-selinux-settings.mod

Additional resources

  • semanage-export(8) and semanage-import(8) man pages