Chapter 2. Preparing a RHEL 6 system for an upgrade to RHEL 7

This section provides an overview of steps necessary to prepare a RHEL 6 system for an upgrade to RHEL 7.

To prepare your RHEL 6 system for an in-place upgrade to RHEL 7, perform the following steps:

  1. Back up the RHEL 6 system, and ensure that the backup is recoverable.

    For details about creating backups in your environment, see the documentation of your backup software. The following list provides additional resources about backup and recovery:

  2. Update the RHEL 6 system to RHEL 6.10, and reboot the host:

    # yum update
    # reboot
  3. Enable the RHEL 6 Extras repository, and install the utilities required for the in-place upgrade to RHEL 7. For details, see the Preparing a RHEL 6 system for the upgrade section in the Upgrading from RHEL 6 to RHEL 7 documentation.