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Chapter 1. Supported RHEL architectures and system requirements

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 delivers a stable, secure, consistent foundation across hybrid cloud deployments with the tools needed to deliver workloads faster with less effort. It can be deployed as a guest on supported hypervisors and Cloud provider environments as well as deployed on physical infrastructure, so your applications can take advantage of innovations in the leading hardware architecture platforms.

This section contains information about the supported architectures and the system requirements for installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

1.1. Supported architectures

Red Hat Enterprise Linux supports the following architectures:

  • AMD, Intel, and ARM 64-bit architectures
  • IBM Power Systems, Little Endian

    • IBM Power System LC servers
    • IBM Power System AC servers
    • IBM Power System L servers
  • 64-bit IBM Z

For installation instructions on IBM Power Servers, refer to IBM installation documentation. To ensure that your system is supported for installing RHEL, refer to and

1.2. System requirements

If this is a first-time installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, review the guidelines provided for system, hardware, security, memory, and RAID before installing. See System requirements reference for more information.

If you want to use your system as a virtualization host, review the necessary hardware requirements for virtualization.