Chapter 32. Configuring Petitboot and installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux

After the system powers on, the Petitboot boot loader scans local boot devices and network interfaces to find boot options that are available to the system. If you do not have network connectivity or the installation DVD in the disk drive, no boot options are listed.


As shown in the following example, for Power Systems servers, Petitboot lists any identified encrypted devices in the boot menu, even if there are no boot options associated with the devices. The encrypted devices can be ignored when selecting the boot device. In this example, disk, system, and device indicate your specific disk, system, and device information.

Petitboot (v1.11)
 [Disk: sda2 / disk ]
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux (system) 8.x
*[Encrypted Device: rhel device / device

  System information
  System configuration
  System status log
  Rescan devices
  Retrieve config from URL
  Plugins (0)
  Exit to shell


  1. From the Petitboot window, verify that you are booting Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 from the DVD drive.
  2. Select the required Red Hat Enterprise Linux installer boot option and press Enter.
  3. The installation process starts.

If you do not interrupt the boot process by pressing any key within 10 seconds after the Petitboot window appears, Petitboot automatically boots the first option.