Chapter 4. Using the web console for selecting performance profiles

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 includes performance profiles optimizing:

  • Systems using Desktop
  • Latency performance
  • Network performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Virtual machines

The following procedure describes setting up performance profiles in the web console.

The RHEL 8 web console configures the tuned service.

For details about the tuned service, see Monitoring and managing system status and performance.



  1. Log in to the RHEL 8 web console.

    For details, see Logging in to the web console.

  2. Click System.
  3. In the Performance Profile field, click the current performance profile.

    cockpit performance profile

  4. In the Change Performance Profile dialog box, change the profile if necessary.
  5. Click Change.

    cockpit performance profile change

The change is now available in the System tab.