Chapter 4. Reviewing logs in the web console

4.1. Reviewing logs in the web console

The RHEL 8 web console Logs section is a UI for the journalctl utility. This section describes how to access system logs in the web console interface.


You can filter the logs by date, severity or service. For more information, see Filtering logs in the web console.

4.2. Filtering logs in the web console

This section shows how to filter log entries in the web console.



  1. Log in to the THEL 8 web console.

    For details, see Logging in to the web console.

  2. Click Logs.
  3. By default, web console shows logs from your current boot. To filter by a different time range, click on the drop down menu with your current date and choose a preferred option.

    cockpit logs time pf4

  4. Error and above severity logs list is shown by default. To filter by different severity, click on the Error and above drop-down menu and choose a preferred severity.

    cockpit logs severity pf4

  5. By default, web console shows logs for all services. To filter logs for a particular service, click on the All drop-down menu and select a service name.

    cockpit logs service pf4

  6. To open a log entry, click on a selected log.