Chapter 5. Setting up performance monitoring on more systems from Grafana

5.1. Prerequisites

5.2. Monitoring performance on several systems using the web console and Grafana

Grafana enables you to collect data from several systems at once and review a graphical representation of their collected PCP metrics. You can set up performance metrics monitoring and export for several systems in the web console interface.

This procedure shows you how to enable performance metrics export with PCP from your RHEL 8 web console interface.


  • The web console must be installed and accessible. For details, see Installing the web console.
  • Install the cockpit-pcp package.

    1. From the web console interface:

      1. Log in to the web console with administrative privileges. For details, see Logging in to the web console.
      2. In the Overview page, click View details and history.
      3. Click the Install cockpit-pcp button.
      4. In the Install software dialog window, click Install.
      5. Log out and in again to see the metrics history.
    2. To install the package from the command line interface, use:

      # yum install cockpit-pcp
  • Enable the PCP service:

    # systemctl enable --now pmlogger.service pmproxy.service
  • Set up Grafana dashboard. For more information, see Setting up a grafana-server.
  • Install the redis package.

    # dnf install redis

    Alternatively, you can install the package from web console interface later in the procedure.


  1. In the Overview page, click View details and history in the Usage table.
  2. Click the Metrics settings button.
  3. Move the Export to network slider to active position.

    cockpit export to network slider

    If you do not have the redis service installed, you will be prompted to install it.

  4. To open the pmproxy service, select a zone from a drop down list and click the Add pmproxy button.
  5. Click Save.


  1. Click Networking.
  2. In the Firewall table, click n active zones or the Edit rules and zones button.
  3. Search for pmproxy in your selected zone.

Repeat this procedure on all the systems you want to watch.