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Chapter 12. Configuring kdump in the web console

Setup and test the kdump configuration in the RHEL 8 web console.

The web console is part of a default installation of RHEL 8 and enables or disables the kdump service at boot time. Further, the web console enables you to configure the reserved memory for kdump; or to select the vmcore saving location in an uncompressed or compressed format.

12.1. Configuring kdump memory usage and target location in web console

The procedure below shows you how to use the Kernel Dump tab in the RHEL web console interface to configure the amount of memory that is reserved for the kdump kernel. The procedure also describes how to specify the target location of the vmcore dump file and how to test your configuration.


  1. Open the Kernel Dump tab and start the kdump service.
  2. Configure the kdump memory usage using the command line.
  3. Click the link next to the Crash dump location option.

    cockpit kdump main screen
  4. Select the Local Filesystem option from the drop-down and specify the directory you want to save the dump in.

    cockpit kdump location
    • Alternatively, select the Remote over SSH option from the drop-down to send the vmcore to a remote machine using the SSH protocol.

      Fill the Server, ssh key, and Directory fields with the remote machine address, ssh key location, and a target directory.

    • Another choice is to select the Remote over NFS option from the drop-down and fill the Mount field to send the vmcore to a remote machine using the NFS protocol.


      Tick the Compression check box to reduce the size of the vmcore file.

  5. Test your configuration by crashing the kernel.

    cockpit kdump test
    1. Click Test configuration.
    2. In the Test kdump settings field, click Crash system.


      This step disrupts execution of the kernel and results in a system crash and loss of data.

12.2. Additional resources