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Chapter 15. Creating a partition table on a disk with parted

Use the parted utility to format a block device with a partition table more easily.


Formatting a block device with a partition table deletes all data stored on the device.


  1. Start the interactive parted shell:

    # parted block-device
  2. Determine if there already is a partition table on the device:

    # (parted) print

    If the device already contains partitions, they will be deleted in the following steps.

  3. Create the new partition table:

    # (parted) mklabel table-type
    • Replace table-type with with the intended partition table type:

      • msdos for MBR
      • gpt for GPT

    Example 15.1. Creating a GUID Partition Table (GPT) table

    To create a GPT table on the disk, use:

    # (parted) mklabel gpt

    The changes start applying after you enter this command.

  4. View the partition table to confirm that it is created:

    # (parted) print
  5. Exit the parted shell:

    # (parted) quit

Additional resources

  • parted(8) man page.