Chapter 4. Additional tasks after applying security updates

After you have installed security updates on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, you may need to perform additional tasks. This section describes these tasks.

4.1. Displaying which services require a restart after applying security updates

When you update a package on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, certain processes using updated libraries and executables might need to be restarted manually. This section explains how to identify these processes.



  1. To list all processes that still use libraries or executables from the time before the update:

    $ sudo yum needs-restarting
    1107 : /usr/sbin/rsyslogd -n
    1199 : -bash

    The yum needs-restarting command lists only processes, not services. This means that you cannot restart all processes listed using the systemctl utility. For example, the bash process in the output will be terminated when the user that owns this process logs out.