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Chapter 25. Uninstalling the integrated IdM DNS service from an IdM server

If you have more than one server with integrated DNS in an Identity Management (IdM) deployment, you might decide to remove the integrated DNS service from one of the servers. To do this, you must first decommission the IdM server completely before re-installing IdM on it, this time without the integrated DNS.


While you can add the DNS role to an IdM server, IdM does not provide a method to remove only the DNS role from an IdM server: the ipa-dns-install command does not have an --uninstall option.


  • You have integrated DNS installed on an IdM server.
  • This is not the last integrated DNS service in your IdM topology.


  1. Identify the redundant DNS service and follow the procedure in Uninstalling an IdM server on the IdM replica that hosts this service.
  2. On the same host, follow the procedure in either Without integrated DNS, with an integrated CA as the root CA or Without integrated DNS, with an external CA as the root CA, depending on your use case.