Chapter 12. Locating the images you created using Red Hat Image Builder

By accessing the Red Hat Image Builder dashboard, you are able to locate the images built for you.

12.1. Locating your customized images in the Image Builder dashboard

After your customized images are uploaded to the cloud or clouds, you can still locate these images and, if they are still valid, you have the option to copy them and also launch them directly from the dashboard.

To locate your images in Image Builder, complete the following steps:



  1. Access the Red Hat Image Builder dashboard.

    You are redirected to the Red Hat Image Builder dashboard and can see all the images that were built for you.

  2. Locate your image by name.

    1. Type your image name in the search bar on the top left menu.
    2. If your image exists, image details appear, showing: the Image name, Creation date, Release version, cloud Target, and image Status.

      You can also see information about any customizations applied to the image, such as packages and file system configuration.

  3. Under Uploads, you can find the uploaded images.