Chapter 13. Creating a new image from an existing customized build using Red Hat Image Builder

You can recreate an existing customized RHEL image by using Red Hat Image Builder. It recreates the exact image you want to recreate, but the new image is recreated with a different UUID. Additionally, the new image fetches the package updates and refreshes the content with those updates. You can customize this new image with additional customizations according to your requirements.

13.1. Creating a new image from an existing build

To recreate a new image from an existing compose, follow the steps:


  • You created an image and customized it according to your requirements.


  1. From the Image Builder table, select the image you want to create an image from.
  2. From the Node options icon (⫶), select Recreate image. The Create image wizard opens.


    If the image status is Expired, click directly the Recreate image button.

    1. Optional: If you want to make any modifications to the image, such as adding new packages, navigate to the appropriate step using the menu on the left to make the customizations. Click Next.
    2. On the Review page, click Create image.

The Red Hat Image Builder Images dashboard opens. The image build starts to recreate the image. You can see details such as the Image name, UUID, the cloud target environment, the image operating system release and the status of the image creation.


  • From the Status column, check if the image is Ready.
  • Optional: Click Image details to display additional information about the recreated image.