Chapter 1. Supported conversion paths


Red Hat recommends that you seek the support of Red Hat Consulting services to ensure that the conversion process is smooth.

The automated conversion process is performed on a running system. The Convert2RHEL utility replaces all RPM packages from the original Linux distribution by their RHEL version. At the end of the process, it is necessary to restart the system to boot the RHEL kernel.

Packages that are available only in the original distribution and do not have corresponding counterparts in RHEL repositories, and third-party packages, which originate neither from the original Linux distribution nor from RHEL, are not affected by the conversion. Red Hat does not provide support for third-party packages that are left unchanged during the conversion process. See the Red Hat policy on supporting third-party software.

Currently, it is possible to convert your systems from the following Linux distributions and architectures to the corresponding major version of RHEL:

Table 1.1. Supported conversion paths

Source OSTarget OSArchitecture

CentOS Linux 8


64-bit Intel

CentOS Linux 7


64-bit Intel


Conversions from CentOS Stream to RHEL are not currently possible.

For information on Red Hat’s support policy for Linux distribution conversions, see Convert2RHEL Support Policy.