Chapter 6. Conversion rollback

The Convert2RHEL utility provides a limited rollback functionality under the following conditions:

  • If Convert2RHEL has been run in the analyze mode, the utility performs a rollback of all changes it made.
  • If the utility fails or is stopped by the user, only changes performed until Convert2RHEL starts replacing packages from the original distribution with RHEL packages can be reverted. This moment is indicated by the warning message:

    The tool allows rollback of any action until this point.
    By continuing all further changes on the system will need to be reverted manually by the user, if necessary.

    followed by a question whether you wish to continue with the process.


    If the -y option is used with the convert2rhel command, the question indicating the moment after which the automated rollback is no longer possible is skipped.


If the conversion process is canceled or fails after Convert2RHEL has started the package replacement phase, the system can become dysfunctional. In such a case, manual fixes will be needed. Please contact Red Hat Consulting services for assistance.