Chapter 2. Registering your host

This section explains how to register your RHEL server to Red Hat Satellite.


Different steps apply if your system is registered to the Red Hat Customer Portal or your Cloud provider.



  1. Download the Katello client rpm package:

    # wget

    Replace the URL with the URL provided by your Satellite administrator.

  2. Install the Katello client rpm package:

    # yum install -y katello-ca-consumer-latest.noarch.rpm

    Replace the package name with the name of the package you downloaded.

  3. Register your system:

    # subscription-manager register --org="your-organization-name" \

    Replace your-organization-name with the string representing the name of the organization and replace your-activation-key with the activation key. Both are provided by your Satellite administrator.


    If you are using an external Ansible control node to register and subscribe your RHEL server to RHEL for SAP Solutions repositories, you can utilize redhat_sap.sap_rhsm ansible role instead of registering your system manually.

    For more information, see sap_rhsm section on the Ansible Galaxy portal.