Chapter 4. Enabling required repositories

You need to enable certain RHEL repositories to have access to packages required for the SAP HANA installation. For more information on what repositories to enable based on your version of SAP HANA, architecture of your host, and your RHEL minor version, see RHEL for SAP Configurator.

Note that if you used redhat_sap.sap_rhsm ansible role to register and subscribe your RHEL server to RHEL for SAP Solutions repositories you can skip this step and proceed to Installing RHEL System Roles for SAP. For more information, see sap_rhsm section on the Ansible Galaxy portal.


  • root access.


  1. Disable all the repositories:

    # subscription-manager repos --disable="*"
  2. Enable the following repositories:

    # subscription-manager repos \
    --enable="rhel-8-for-$(uname -m)-baseos-e4s-rpms" \
    --enable="rhel-8-for-$(uname -m)-appstream-e4s-rpms" \
    --enable="rhel-8-for-$(uname -m)-sap-solutions-e4s-rpms" \
    --enable="rhel-8-for-$(uname -m)-sap-netweaver-e4s-rpms"

    If you intend to use the server for the SAP HANA database only, enabling the sap-netweaver-e4s-rpms repository is not required.