Chapter 3. Applying the RHEL release lock

SAP supports SAP HANA with certain minor RHEL releases, for example RHEL 8.2. You need to apply a release lock to make sure your RHEL system is set to a certain minor release.

For more information on which minor RHEL 8 releases are supported by SAP, see the SAP note 2235581.


Updating your RHEL system before applying a release lock will result in dependency errors and a possible upgrade to a RHEL 8 minor version that is not supported by SAP HANA. It is advised you run yum installations and updates only after the release lock is applied.

Note that if you used redhat_sap.sap_rhsm ansible role to register and subscribe your RHEL server to RHEL for SAP Solutions repositories you can skip this step and proceed to Installing RHEL System Roles for SAP. For more information, see sap_rhsm section on the Ansible Galaxy portal.


  • root access


  1. Clear the dnf cache:

    # rm -rf /var/cache/dnf
  2. Set the release lock:

    # subscription-manager release --set=8.x

    Replace 8.x with the supported minor release of RHEL 8 (for example 8.2).