Chapter 9. Additional Resources

For more information on systemd and its usage on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, see the resources listed below.

9.1. Installed Documentation

  • systemctl(1) — The manual page for the systemctl command line utility provides a complete list of supported options and commands.
  • systemd(1) — The manual page for the systemd system and service manager provides more information about its concepts and documents available command line options and environment variables, supported configuration files and directories, recognized signals, and available kernel options.
  • systemd-delta(1) — The manual page for the systemd-delta utility that allows to find extended and overridden configuration files.
  • systemd.directives(7) — The manual page named systemd.directives provides detailed information about systemd directives.
  • systemd.unit(5) — The manual page named systemd.unit provides detailed information about systemd unit files and documents all available configuration options.
  • systemd.service(5) — The manual page named systemd.service documents the format of service unit files.
  • — The manual page named documents the format of target unit files.
  • systemd.kill(5) — The manual page named systemd.kill documents the configuration of the process killing procedure.

9.2. Online Documentation

  • systemd Home Page — The project home page provides more information about systemd.