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Chapter 29. Using netconsole to log kernel messages over a network

Using the netconsole kernel module and the same-named service, you can log kernel messages over a network to debug the kernel when logging to disk fails or when using a serial console is not possible.

29.1. Configuring the netconsole service to log kernel messages to a remote host

Using the netconsole kernel module, you can log kernel messages to a remote system log service.


  • A system log service, such as rsyslog is installed on the remote host.
  • The remote system log service is configured to receive incoming log entries from this host.


  1. Install the netconsole-service package:

    # yum install netconsole-service
  2. Edit the /etc/sysconfig/netconsole file and set the SYSLOGADDR parameter to the IP address of the remote host:

  3. Enable and start the netconsole service:

    # systemctl enable --now netconsole

Verification steps

  • Display the /var/log/messages file on the remote system log server.