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Chapter 5. Getting started with configuring networking using the GNOME GUI

You can manage and configure network connections using the following ways on GNOME:

  • the GNOME Shell network connection icon on the top right of the desktop
  • the GNOME control-center application
  • the GNOME nm-connection-editor application

5.1. Connecting to a network using the GNOME Shell network connection icon

If you use the GNOME GUI, you can use the GNOME Shell network connection icon to connect to a network.


  • The GNOME package group is installed.
  • You are logged in to GNOME.
  • If the network requires a specific configuration, such as a static IP address or an 802.1x configuration, a connection profile has already been created.


  1. Click the network connection icon in the top right corner of your desktop.

    network connection icon
  2. Depending on the connection type, select the Wired or Wi-Fi entry.

    network connection icon expanded
    • For a wired connection, select Connect to connect to the network.
    • For a Wi-Fi connection, click Select network, select the network to which you want to connect, and enter the password.