Chapter 29. Configuring ethtool offload features using NetworkManager

Network interface cards can use the TCP offload engine (TOE) to offload processing certain operations to the network controller to improve the network throughput.

This section describes what offload features NetworkManager supports and how to set them.

29.1. Offload features supported by NetworkManager

You can set the following ethtool offload features using NetworkManager:

  • ethtool.feature-esp-hw-offload
  • ethtool.feature-esp-tx-csum-hw-offload
  • ethtool.feature-fcoe-mtu
  • ethtool.feature-gro
  • ethtool.feature-gso
  • ethtool.feature-highdma
  • ethtool.feature-hw-tc-offload
  • ethtool.feature-l2-fwd-offload
  • ethtool.feature-loopback
  • ethtool.feature-lro
  • ethtool.feature-ntuple
  • ethtool.feature-rx
  • ethtool.feature-rx-all
  • ethtool.feature-rx-fcs
  • ethtool.feature-rx-gro-hw
  • ethtool.feature-rx-udp_tunnel-port-offload
  • ethtool.feature-rx-vlan-filter
  • ethtool.feature-rx-vlan-stag-filter
  • ethtool.feature-rx-vlan-stag-hw-parse
  • ethtool.feature-rxhash
  • ethtool.feature-rxvlan
  • ethtool.feature-sg
  • ethtool.feature-tls-hw-record
  • ethtool.feature-tls-hw-tx-offload
  • ethtool.feature-tso
  • ethtool.feature-tx
  • ethtool.feature-tx-checksum-fcoe-crc
  • ethtool.feature-tx-checksum-ip-generic
  • ethtool.feature-tx-checksum-ipv4
  • ethtool.feature-tx-checksum-ipv6
  • ethtool.feature-tx-checksum-sctp
  • ethtool.feature-tx-esp-segmentation
  • ethtool.feature-tx-fcoe-segmentation
  • ethtool.feature-tx-gre-csum-segmentation
  • ethtool.feature-tx-gre-segmentation
  • ethtool.feature-tx-gso-partial
  • ethtool.feature-tx-gso-robust
  • ethtool.feature-tx-ipxip4-segmentation
  • ethtool.feature-tx-ipxip6-segmentation
  • ethtool.feature-tx-nocache-copy
  • ethtool.feature-tx-scatter-gather
  • ethtool.feature-tx-scatter-gather-fraglist
  • ethtool.feature-tx-sctp-segmentation
  • ethtool.feature-tx-tcp-ecn-segmentation
  • ethtool.feature-tx-tcp-mangleid-segmentation
  • ethtool.feature-tx-tcp-segmentation
  • ethtool.feature-tx-tcp6-segmentation
  • ethtool.feature-tx-udp-segmentation
  • ethtool.feature-tx-udp_tnl-csum-segmentation
  • ethtool.feature-tx-udp_tnl-segmentation
  • ethtool.feature-tx-vlan-stag-hw-insert
  • ethtool.feature-txvlan

For details about the individual offload features, see the documentation of the ethtool utility and the kernel documentation.

29.2. Configuring an ethtool offload feature using NetworkManager

This section describes how you enable and disable ethtool offload features using NetworkManager, as well as how you remove the setting for a feature from a NetworkManager connection profile.


  1. For example, to enable the RX offload feature and disable TX offload in the enp0s1 connection profile, enter:

    # nmcli con modify enp0s1 ethtool.feature-rx on ethtool.feature-tx off

    This command explicitly enables RX offload and disables TX offload.

  2. To remove the setting of an offload feature that you previously enabled or disabled, set the feature’s parameter to ignore. For example, to remove the configuration for TX offload, enter:

    # nmcli con modify enp0s1 ethtool.feature-tx ignore
  3. Reactivate the network profile:

    # nmcli connection up enp0s1

Verification steps

  1. Use the ethtool -k command to display the current offload features of a network device:

    # ethtool -k network_device

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