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Chapter 98. Checking services using IdM Healthcheck

You can monitor services used by the Identity Management (IdM) server using the Healthcheck tool.

For details, see Healthcheck in IdM.


  • The Healthcheck tool is only available on RHEL 8.1 and newer

98.1. Services Healthcheck test

The Healthcheck tool includes a test to check if any IdM services is not running. This test is important because services which are not running can cause failures in other tests. Therefore, check that all services are running first. You can then check all other test results.

To see all services tests, run ipa-healthcheck with the --list-sources option:

# ipa-healthcheck --list-sources

You can find all services tested with Healthcheck under the source:

  • certmonger
  • dirsrv
  • gssproxy
  • httpd
  • ipa_custodia
  • ipa_dnskeysyncd
  • ipa_otpd
  • kadmin
  • krb5kdc
  • named
  • pki_tomcatd
  • sssd

Run these tests on all IdM servers when trying to discover issues.

98.2. Screening services using Healthcheck

Follow this procedure to run a standalone manual test of services running on the Identity Management (IdM) server using the Healthcheck tool.

The Healthcheck tool includes many tests, whose results can be shortened with:

  • excluding all successful test: --failures-only
  • including only services tests:


  • To run Healthcheck with warnings, errors and critical issues regarding services, enter:

    # ipa-healthcheck --failures-only

A successful test displays empty brackets:

[ ]

If one of the services fails, the result can looks similarly to this example:

  "source": "",
  "check": "httpd",
  "result": "ERROR",
  "kw": {
    "status": false,
    "msg": "httpd: not running"

Additional resources

  • See man ipa-healthcheck.