Chapter 6. Device Drivers

6.1. New drivers

Network drivers

  • SYNOPSYS DESIGNWARE Ethernet XPCS driver (pcs-xpcs.ko.xz)
  • INTEL 10/100/1000 Ethernet PCI driver (dwmac-intel.ko.xz)
  • STMMAC 10/100/1000 Ethernet device driver (stmmac.ko.xz)
  • Crypto IPSEC for Chelsio Terminator cards. (ch_ipsec.ko.xz): 1.0.0.
  • Chelsio NIC TLS ULD driver (ch_ktls.ko.xz): 1.0.0.
  • Microsoft Azure Network Adapter driver (mana.ko.xz)
  • Core module for Qualcomm Atheros 802.11ax wireless LAN cards. (ath11k.ko.xz)
  • Driver support for Qualcomm Technologies 802.11ax WLAN PCIe devices (ath11k_pci.ko.xz)
  • MAC to optional PHY connection (phylink.ko.xz)

Graphics drivers and miscellaneous drivers

  • MC Driver for Intel client SoC using In-Band ECC (igen6_edac.ko.xz)
  • Regmap SoundWire MBQ Module (regmap-sdw-mbq.ko.xz)
  • Intel Platform Monitoring Technology PMT driver (intel_pmt.ko.xz)
  • Intel PMT Crashlog driver (intel_pmt_crashlog.ko.xz)
  • Sysfs structure for UV systems (uv_sysfs.ko.xz)
  • Intel PMT Telemetry driver (intel_pmt_telemetry.ko.xz)
  • Intel PMT Class driver (intel_pmt_class.ko.xz)
  • AMD PMC Driver (amd-pmc.ko.xz)
  • MHI Host Interface (mhi.ko.xz)
  • Modem Host Interface (MHI) PCI controller driver (mhi_pci_generic.ko.xz)
  • vDPA Device Simulator for block device (vdpa_sim_blk.ko.xz): 0.1
  • vDPA Device Simulator for networking device (vdpa_sim_net.ko.xz): 0.1
  • vp-vdpa (vp_vdpa.ko.xz): 1
  • Mellanox VDPA driver (mlx5_vdpa.ko.xz)
  • Basic STM framing protocol driver (stm_p_basic.ko.xz)
  • MIPI SyS-T STM framing protocol driver (stm_p_sys-t.ko.xz)
  • QMI encoder/decoder helper (qmi_helpers.ko.xz)
  • ACPI DPTF platform power driver (dptf_power.ko.xz)
  • ACPI Platform profile sysfs interface (platform_profile.ko.xz)
  • Intel Emmitsburg PCH pinctrl/GPIO driver (pinctrl-emmitsburg.ko.xz)
  • Intel Alder Lake PCH pinctrl/GPIO driver (pinctrl-alderlake.ko.xz)
  • MPI3 Storage Controller Device Driver (mpi3mr.ko.xz):
  • device-mapper multipath path selector that selects paths based on the CPU IO is being executed on (dm-io-affinity.ko.xz)
  • device-mapper measured service time oriented path selector (dm-historical-service-time.ko.xz)

6.2. Updated drivers

Network drivers

  • Mellanox 5th generation network adapters (ConnectX series) core driver (mlx5_core.ko.xz) has been updated to version 4.18.0-348.el8.x86_64.
  • Realtek RTL8152/RTL8153 Based USB Ethernet Adapters (r8152.ko.xz) has been updated to version v1.11.11.

Graphics and miscellaneous driver updates

  • LSI MPT Fusion SAS 3.0 Device Driver (mpt3sas.ko.xz) has been updated to version
  • Emulex LightPulse Fibre Channel SCSI driver (lpfc.ko.xz) has been updated to version 0:
  • QLogic Fibre Channel HBA Driver (qla2xxx.ko.xz) has been updated to version
  • Driver for Microsemi Smart Family Controller version (smartpqi.ko.xz) has been updated to version 2.1.8-045.
  • Broadcom MegaRAID SAS Driver (megaraid_sas.ko.xz) has been updated to version 07.717.02.00-rh1.