Chapter 11. Notable changes to containers

A set of container images is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.0. Notable changes include:

  • The podman tool has been released as a fully supported feature.

    The podman tool manages pods, container images, and containers on a single node. It is built on the libpod library, which enables management of containers and groups of containers, called pods.

    For podman documentation, see Using podman to work with containers.

  • The Red Hat Software Collections, Red Hat Developer Toolset, Red Hat Developer Tools, and .NET Core container images are not provided in RHEL 8 Beta.
  • The rhel-tools container has been removed in RHEL 8. The sos and redhat-support-tool tools are provided in the support-tools container. System administrators can also use this image as a base for building system tools container image.
  • The support-tools container does not contain the strace and tcpdump packages. The description label in Beta, which states that strace and tcpdump are present, is incorrect.
  • Container images ARM for the 64-bit ARM architecture are fully supported in RHEL 8.
  • The support for rootless containers is available as a technology preview in RHEL 8 Beta.

    Rootless containers are containers that are created and managed by regular system users without administrative permissions.

  • On RHEL 7 systems, you can not build container images using the Beta version of the RHEL 8 image.
  • On RHEL 7 systems, you can not update the Beta version of the RHEL 8 image.