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8.4. Migrating NIS Domains to IdM

If you are managing a Linux environment and want to migrate disparate NIS domains with different UIDs and GIDs into a modern identity management solution, you can use ID views to set host specific UIDs and GIDs for existing hosts to prevent changing the permissions on existing files and directories.
The process for the migration follows these steps:
  1. Create the users and groups in the IdM domain. For details, see
  2. Use ID views for existing hosts to override the IDs IdM generated during the user creation:
    1. Create an individual ID view.
    2. Add ID overrides for the users and groups to the ID view.
    3. Assign the ID view to the specific hosts.
  3. Installing and Uninstalling Identity Management Clients in the Linux Domain Identity, Authentication, and Policy Guide.
  4. Decommission the NIS domains.