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Appendix A. Revision History

Note that revision numbers relate to the edition of this manual, not to version numbers of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Revision History
Revision 7.0-51Thu Mar 4 2021Florian Delehaye
7.9 GA version of the guide. Added a new section about adjusting DNA ID ranges manually.
Revision 7.0-50Wed May 27 2020Florian Delehaye
Several fixes and updates.
Revision 7.0-49Tue Aug 06 2019Marc Muehlfeld
Document version for 7.7 GA publication.
Revision 7.0-48Wed Jun 05 2019Marc Muehlfeld
Updated Configuring Trust Agents, added How the AD Provider Handles Trusted Domains and Changing the Format of User Names Displayed by SSSD.
Revision 7.0-47Tue Apr 08 2019Marc Muehlfeld
Several minor fixes and updates.
Revision 7.0-46Mon Oct 29 2018Filip Hanzelka
Preparing document for 7.6 GA publication.
Revision 7.0-45Mon Jun 25 2018Filip Hanzelka
Added Switching Between SSSD and Winbind for SMB Share Access.
Revision 7.0-44Thu Apr 5 2018Filip Hanzelka
Preparing document for 7.5 GA publication.
Revision 7.0-43Wed Feb 28 2018Filip Hanzelka
Updated GPO Settings Supported by SSSD.
Revision 7.0-42Mon Feb 12 2018Aneta Šteflová Petrová
Updated Creating a Two-Way Trust with a Shared Secret.
Revision 7.0-41Mon Jan 29 2018Aneta Šteflová Petrová
Minor fixes.
Revision 7.0-40Fri Dec 15 2017Aneta Šteflová Petrová
Minor fixes.
Revision 7.0-39Mon Dec 6 2017Aneta Šteflová Petrová
Updated Using Samba for Active Directory Integration.
Revision 7.0-38Mon Dec 4 2017Aneta Šteflová Petrová
Updated DNS and Realm Settings for trusts.
Revision 7.0-37Mon Nov 20 2017Aneta Šteflová Petrová
Updated Creating a Two-Way Trust with a Shared Secret.
Revision 7.0-36Mon Nov 6 2017Aneta Šteflová Petrová
Minor fixes.
Revision 7.0-35Mon Oct 23 2017Aneta Šteflová Petrová
Updated Active Directory Entries and POSIX Attributes and Configuring an AD Domain with ID Mapping as a Provider for SSSD.
Revision 7.0-34Mon Oct 9 2017Aneta Šteflová Petrová
Added Configuration Options for Using Short Names. Updated Trust Controllers and Trust Agents.
Revision 7.0-33Tue Sep 26 2017Aneta Šteflová Petrová
Updated the autodiscovery section in the SSSD chapter. Added two sections on configuring trusted domains.
Revision 7.0-32Tue Jul 18 2017Aneta Šteflová Petrová
Document version for 7.4 GA publication.
Revision 7.0-31Tue May 23 2017Aneta Šteflová Petrová
A minor fix for About Security ID Mapping.
Revision 7.0-30Mon Apr 24 2017Aneta Šteflová Petrová
Minor fixes for Defining Windows Integration.
Revision 7.0-29Mon Apr 10 2017Aneta Šteflová Petrová
Updated Direct Integration.
Revision 7.0-28Mon Mar 27 2017Aneta Šteflová Petrová
Moved Allowing Users to Change Other Users' Passwords Cleanly to the Linux Domain Identity guide as Enabling Password Reset. Updated Supported Windows Platforms for trusts. Fixed broken links. Other minor updates.
Revision 7.0-27Mon Feb 27 2017Aneta Šteflová Petrová
Updated port requirements for trusts. Minor restructuring for trust and sync. Other minor updates.
Revision 7.0-26Wed Nov 23 2016Aneta Šteflová Petrová
Added ipa-winsync-migrate. Minor fixes for the trust, SSSD, and synchronization chapters.
Revision 7.0-25Tue Oct 18 2016Aneta Šteflová Petrová
Version for 7.3 GA publication.
Revision 7.0-24Thu Jul 28 2016Marc Muehlfeld
Updated diagrams, added Kerberos flags for services and hosts, other minor fixes.
Revision 7.0-23Thu Jun 09 2016Marc Muehlfeld
Updated the synchronization chapter. Removed the Kerberos chapter. Other minor fixes.
Revision 7.0-22Tue Feb 09 2016Aneta Petrová
Updated realmd, removed index, moved a part of ID views to the Linux Domain Identity guide, other minor updates.
Revision 7.0-21Fri Nov 13 2015Aneta Petrová
Version for 7.2 GA release with minor updates.
Revision 7.0-20Thu Nov 12 2015Aneta Petrová
Version for 7.2 GA release.
Revision 7.0-19Fri Sep 18 2015Tomáš Čapek
Updated the splash page sort order.
Revision 7.0-18Thu Sep 10 2015Aneta Petrová
Updated the output format.
Revision 7.0-17Mon Jul 27 2015Aneta Petrová
Added GPO-based access control, a number of other minor changes.
Revision 7.0-16Thu Apr 02 2015Tomáš Čapek
Added ipa-advise, extended CIFS share with SSSD, admonition for the Identity Management for UNIX extension.
Revision 7.0-15Fri Mar 13 2015Tomáš Čapek
Async update with last-minute edits for 7.1.
Revision 7.0-13Wed Feb 25 2015Tomáš Čapek
Version for 7.1 GA release.
Revision 7.0-11Fri Dec 05 2014Tomáš Čapek
Rebuild to update the sort order on the splash page.
Revision 7.0-7Mon Sep 15 2014Tomáš Čapek
Section 5.3 Creating Trusts temporarily removed for content updates.
Revision 7.0-5June 27, 2014Ella Deon Ballard
Improving Samba+Kerberos+Winbind chapters.
Revision 7.0-4June 13, 2014Ella Deon Ballard
Adding Kerberos realm chapter.
Revision 7.0-3June 11, 2014Ella Deon Ballard
Initial release.