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3.8. Changing Default User Configuration

The realmd system supports modifying the default user home directory and shell POSIX attributes. For example, this might be required when some POSIX attributes are not set in the Windows user accounts or when these attributes are different from POSIX attributes of other users on the local system.


Changing the configuration as described in this section only works if the realm join command has not been run yet. If a system is already joined, change the default home directory and shell in the /etc/sssd/sssd.conf file, as described in the section called “Optional: Configure User Home Directories and Shells”.
To override the default home directory and shell POSIX attributes, specify the following options in the [users] section in the /etc/realmd.conf file:
The default-home option sets a template for creating a home directory for accounts that have no home directory explicitly set. A common format is /home/%d/%u, where %d is the domain name and %u is the user name.
The default-shell option defines the default user shell. It accepts any supported system shell.
For example:
default-home = /home/%u
default-shell = /bin/bash
For more information about the options, see the realmd.conf(5) man page.