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Chapter 3. Optimizing Virtualization Performance with virt-manager

This chapter covers performance tuning options available in virt-manager, a desktop tool for managing guest virtual machines.

3.1. Operating System Details and Devices

3.1.1. Specifying Guest Virtual Machine Details

The virt-manager tool provides different profiles depending on what operating system type and version are selected for a new guest virtual machine. When creating a guest, you should provide as many details as possible; this can improve performance by enabling features available for your specific type of guest.
See the following example screen capture of the virt-manager tool. When creating a new guest virtual machine, always specify your intended OS type and Version:
Provide the OS type and Version

Figure 3.1. Provide the OS type and Version

3.1.2. Remove Unused Devices

Removing unused or unnecessary devices can improve performance. For instance, a guest tasked as a web server is unlikely to require audio features or an attached tablet.
See the following example screen capture of the virt-manager tool. Click the Remove button to remove unnecessary devices:
Remove unused devices

Figure 3.2. Remove unused devices