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14.8. Displaying Image Information

The info parameter displays information about a disk image filename. The format for the info option is as follows:
# qemu-img info [-f format] filename
This command is often used to discover the size reserved on disk which can be different from the displayed size. If snapshots are stored in the disk image, they are displayed also. This command will show for example, how much space is being taken by a qcow2 image on a block device. This is done by running the qemu-img. You can check that the image in use is the one that matches the output of the qemu-img info command with the qemu-img check command.
# qemu-img info /dev/vg-90.100-sluo/lv-90-100-sluo
image: /dev/vg-90.100-sluo/lv-90-100-sluo
file format: qcow2
virtual size: 20G (21474836480 bytes)
disk size: 0
cluster_size: 65536