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20.34. Listing Volume Information

The virsh vol-info vol command lists basic information about the given storage volume. You must supply either the storage volume name, key, or path. The command also accepts the option --pool, where you can specify the storage pool that is associated with the storage volume. You can either supply the pool name, or the UUID.

Example 20.94. How to view information about a storage volume

The following example retrieves information about the storage volume named vol-new. When you run this command you should change the name of the storage volume to the name of your storage volume:
# virsh vol-info vol-new
The virsh vol-list pool command lists all of volumes that are associated to a given storage pool. This command requires a name or UUID of the storage pool. The --details option instructs virsh to additionally display volume type and capacity related information where available.

Example 20.95. How to display the storage pools that are associated with a storage volume

The following example lists all storage volumes that are associated with the storage pool vdisk:
# virsh vol-list vdisk