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20.24. Displaying CPU Statistics for a Specified Guest Virtual Machine

The virsh cpu-stats domain --total start count command provides the CPU statistical information on the specified guest virtual machine. By default, it shows the statistics for all CPUs, as well as a total. The --total option will only display the total statistics. The --count option will only display statistics for count CPUs.

Example 20.51. How to generate CPU statistics for the guest virtual machine

The following example generates CPU statistics for the guest virtual machine named guest1.
# virsh cpu-stats guest1

	cpu_time           242.054322158 seconds
	vcpu_time          110.969228362 seconds
	cpu_time           170.450478364 seconds
	vcpu_time          106.889510980 seconds
	cpu_time           332.899774780 seconds
	vcpu_time          192.059921774 seconds
	cpu_time           163.451025019 seconds
	vcpu_time           88.008556137 seconds
	cpu_time           908.855600321 seconds
	user_time           22.110000000 seconds
	system_time         35.830000000 seconds