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Appendix C. Virtualization Restrictions

This appendix covers additional support and product restrictions of the virtualization packages in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

C.1. System Restrictions

Host Systems
Red Hat Enterprise Linux with KVM is supported only on the following host architectures:
  • AMD64 and Intel 64
  • IBM Z
This document primarily describes AMD64 and Intel 64 features and functionalities, but the other supported architectures work very similarly. For details, see Appendix B, Using KVM Virtualization on Multiple Architectures.
Guest Systems
On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Microsoft Windows guest virtual machines are only supported under specific subscription programs such as Advanced Mission Critical (AMC). If you are unsure whether your subscription model includes support for Windows guests, contact customer support.
For more information about Windows guest virtual machines on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, see Windows Guest Virtual Machines on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Knowledgebase article.