Chapter 5. Uninstalling Server and Replica Containers

This chapter describes how you can uninstall an Identity Management server or replica container.

5.1. Uninstalling a Server or Replica Container

This procedure shows how to uninstall an Identity Management server or replica container and make sure the server or replica is properly removed from the topology.


  1. To ensure that a replica container belonging to an existing topology is properly removed from that topology, use the ipa server-del <container-host-name> command on any enrolled host.

    This step is necessary because the atomic uninstall command does not:

    • Perform checks to prevent disconnected domain level 1 topology or the removal of the last certificate authority (CA), key recovery authority (KRA), or DNS server
    • Remove the replica container from the existing topology
  2. Use the atomic uninstall command, and include the container name and image name:

    $ atomic uninstall --name <container_name> rhel7/ipa-server

5.2. Next Steps After Uninstalling

  • You can find a backup of the container’s mounted data directory under /var/lib/<container_name>.backup.<timestamp>. If you need to create a new container, the backup enables you to reuse the persistent data stored in the volume.