Chapter 4. Migrating a Server from a Container to a Host System

This chapter describes how you can migrate a server originally installed in a container to a bare-metal or a virtual machine system. In the following scenario, we migrate to a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system.

4.1. Migrating an Identity Management Server from a Container to the Host System

This procedure shows how to migrate a containerized Identity Management server to the host system and, optionally, decomission the container.


  1. Enroll the host system as an Identity Management replica against the container. If you want to decommission the container with the Identity Management server later, make sure you create the replica with a certificate authority (CA) configured.

    See Installing and Uninstalling Identity Management Replicas.

  2. Migrate the CA master responsibilities from the server in the container to the new replica on the host system.

    See Promoting a Replica to a Master CA Server.

  3. Decommission the server in the container.

    See Chapter 5, Uninstalling Server and Replica Containers.