1.11. Accessing Red Hat Support

To obtain support from Red Hat, use the Red Hat Customer Portal, which provides access to everything available with your subscription.
This section describes:

1.11.1. Obtaining Red Hat Support Through Red Hat Customer Portal

By using the Red Hat Customer Portal you can:
  • Open a new support case
  • Initiate a live chat with a Red Hat expert
  • Contact a Red Hat expert by making a call or sending an email
To access the Red Hat Customer Portal, go to https://access.redhat.com..
To work with Red Hat Customer Portal services related to Red Hat support, you can use:
  • Web browser
  • Red Hat Support Tool What the Red Hat Support Tool Is and Which Tasks It Can Be Used For

The Red Hat Support Tool is a command-line based tool which provides a text console interface to the subscription-based Red Hat access services. This tool is contained in the redhat-support-tool package.
The Red Hat Support Tool enables you to perform support-related tasks, such as:
  • Opening or updating support cases
  • Searching in the Red Hat knowledge base solutions
  • Analyzing Python and Java errors
To start the tool in interactive mode:
~]$ redhat-support-tool
Welcome to the Red Hat Support Tool.
Command (? for help):
In interactive mode, enter ? to display the available commands:
Command (? for help): ?
For more information about the installation and use of the Red Hat Support Tool, see Chapter 8, Accessing Support Using the Red Hat Support Tool, and the Red Hat Knowledgebase article Red Hat Access: Red Hat Support Tool.

1.11.2. Using the SOS Report to Troubleshoot Problems

The SOS report collects configuration details, system information and diagnostic information from a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. Attach the report when you open a support case.
Note that the SOS report is provided in the sos package, which is not installed with the default minimal installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.
To install the sos package:
~]# yum install sos
To generate an SOS report:
~]# sosreport
To attach the sos report to your support case, see the Red Hat Knowledgebase article How can I attach a file to a Red Hat support case?. Note that you will be prompted to enter the number of the support case, when attaching the sos report.
For more information on SOS report, see the Red Hat Knowledgebase article What is a sosreport and how to create one in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.6 and later?.