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1.7. The Basics of Managing User Accounts

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is a multi-user operating system, which enables multiple users on different computers to access a single system installed on one machine. Every user operates under its own account, and managing user accounts thus represents a core element of Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administration.

What are Groups and Which Purposes they Can Be Used for

A group in an entity which ties together multiple user accounts for a common purpose, such as granting access to particular files.

1.7.1. The Most Basic Command-Line Tools to Manage User Accounts and Groups

The most basic tasks to manage user accounts and groups, and the appropriate command-line tools, include:
  • Displaying user and group IDs:
    ~]$ id
  • Creating a new user account:
    ~]# useradd [options] user_name
  • Assigning a new password to a user account belonging to username:
    ~]# passwd user_name
  • Adding a user to a group:
    ~]# usermod -a -G group_name user_name
For detailed information on managing users and groups, see Chapter 4, Managing Users and Groups.
If you want to use graphical user interface to manage users and groups, see Section 4.2, “Managing Users in a Graphical Environment”.

1.7.2. Managing User Accounts in Cockpit

To manage accounts in Cockpit, select the Accounts menu.
Managing User Accounts in Cockpit

Figure 1.4. Managing User Accounts in Cockpit