23.12. Additional Resources

For more information on how to configure the rsyslog daemon and how to locate, view, and monitor log files, see the resources listed below.

Installed Documentation

  • rsyslogd(8) — The manual page for the rsyslogd daemon documents its usage.
  • rsyslog.conf(5) — The manual page named rsyslog.conf documents available configuration options.
  • logrotate(8) — The manual page for the logrotate utility explains in greater detail how to configure and use it.
  • journalctl(1) — The manual page for the journalctl daemon documents its usage.
  • journald.conf(5) — This manual page documents available configuration options.
  • systemd.journal-fields(7) — This manual page lists special Journal fields.

Installable Documentation

/usr/share/doc/rsyslogversion/html/index.html — This file, which is provided by the rsyslog-doc package from the Optional channel, contains information on rsyslog. See Section 9.5.7, “Adding the Optional and Supplementary Repositories” for more information on Red Hat additional channels. Before accessing the documentation, you must run the following command as root:
~]# yum install rsyslog-doc

Online Documentation

The rsyslog home page offers additional documentation, configuration examples, and video tutorials. Make sure to consult the documents relevant to the version you are using:

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