Appendix C. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 0.14-26Mon Aug 05 2019Marie Doleželová
Preparing document for 7.7 GA publication.
Revision 0.14-23Mon Aug 13 2018Marie Doleželová
Preparing document for 7.6 Beta publication.
Revision 0.14-19Tue Mar 20 2018Marie Doleželová
Preparing document for 7.5 GA publication.
Revision 0.14-17Tue Dec 5 2017Marie Doleželová
Updated Samba section. Added section about Configuring RELP with TLS. Updated section on Upgrading from GRUB Legacy to GRUB 2.
Revision 0.14-16Mon Aug 8 2017Marie Doleželová
Minor fixes throughout the guide, added links to articles dealing with choosing a target for ordering and dependencies of the custom unit files to the chapter "Creating Custom Unit Files".
Revision 0.14-14Thu Jul 27 2017Marie Doleželová
Document version for 7.4 GA publication.
Revision 0.14-8Mon Nov 3 2016Maxim Svistunov
Version for 7.3 GA publication.
Revision 0.14-7Mon Jun 20 2016Maxim Svistunov
Added Relax-and-Recover (ReaR); made minor improvements.
Revision 0.14-6Thu Mar 10 2016Maxim Svistunov
Minor fixes and updates.
Revision 0.14-5Thu Jan 21 2016Lenka Špačková
Minor factual updates.
Revision 0.14-3Wed Nov 11 2015Jana Heves
Version for 7.2 GA release.
Revision 0.14-1Mon Nov 9 2015Jana Heves
Minor fixes, added links to RH training courses.
Revision 0.14-0.3Fri Apr 3 2015Stephen Wadeley
Added Registering the System and Managing Subscriptions, Accessing Support Using the Red Hat Support Tool, updated Viewing and Managing Log Files.
Revision 0.13-2Tue Feb 24 2015Stephen Wadeley
Version for 7.1 GA release.
Revision 0.12-0.6Tue Nov 18 2014Stephen Wadeley
Improved TigerVNC.
Revision 0.12-0.4Mon Nov 10 2014Stephen Wadeley
Improved Yum, Managing Services with systemd, OpenLDAP, Viewing and Managing Log Files, OProfile, and Working with the GRUB 2 Boot Loader.
Revision 0.12-0Tue 19 Aug 2014Stephen Wadeley
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 GA release of the System Administrator's Guide.

C.1. Acknowledgments

Certain portions of this text first appeared in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Deployment Guide, copyright © 2010–2018 Red Hat, Inc., available at
Section 21.7, “Monitoring Performance with Net-SNMP” is based on an article written by Michael Solberg.