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30.8. Statistics Files in /sys

Statistics for a running VDO volume may be read from files in the /sys/kvdo/volume_name/statistics directory, where volume_name is the name of thhe VDO volume. This provides an alternate interface to the data produced by the vdostats utility suitable for access by shell scripts and management software.
There are files in the statistics directory in addition to the ones listed in the table below. These additional statistics files are not guaranteed to be supported in future releases.

Table 30.10. Statistics files

File Description
dataBlocksUsed The number of physical blocks currently in use by a VDO volume to store data.
logicalBlocksUsed The number of logical blocks currently mapped.
physicalBlocks The total number of physical blocks allocated for a VDO volume.
logicalBlocks The maximum number of logical blocks that can be mapped by a VDO volume.
mode Indicates whether a VDO volume is operating normally, is in recovery mode, or is in read-only mode.