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2.3. The /proc Virtual File System

Unlike most file systems, /proc contains neither text nor binary files. Because it houses virtual files, the /proc is referred to as a virtual file system. These virtual files are typically zero bytes in size, even if they contain a large amount of information.
The /proc file system is not used for storage. Its main purpose is to provide a file-based interface to hardware, memory, running processes, and other system components. Real-time information can be retrieved on many system components by viewing the corresponding /proc file. Some of the files within /proc can also be manipulated (by both users and applications) to configure the kernel.
The following /proc files are relevant in managing and monitoring system storage:
Displays various character and block devices that are currently configured.
Lists all file system types currently supported by the kernel.
Contains current information on multiple-disk or RAID configurations on the system, if they exist.
Lists all mounts currently used by the system.
Contains partition block allocation information.
For more information about the /proc file system, see the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Deployment Guide.