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Part I. File Systems

The File Systems section provides information on the file system structure and maintenance, the Btrfs Technology Preview, and file systems that Red Hat fully supports: ext3, ext4, GFS2, XFS, NFS, and FS-Cache.


Btrfs is available as a Technology Preview feature in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 but has been deprecated since the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 release. It will be removed in a future major release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
For more information, see Deprecated Functionality in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 Release Notes.
For an overview of Red Hat Enterprise Linux file systems and storage limits, see Red Hat Enterprise Linux technology capabilities and limits at Red Hat Knowledgebase.
XFS is the default file system in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and Red Hat, and Red Hat recommends you to use XFS unless you have a strong reason to use another file system. For general information on common file systems and their properties, see the following Red Hat Knowledgebase article: How to Choose your Red Hat Enterprise Linux File System.