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5.3. Understanding Domain Transitions: sepolicy transition

Previously, the setrans utility was used to examine if transition between two domain or process types is possible and printed out all intermediary types that are used to transition between these domains or processes. In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, setrans is provided as part of the sepolicy suite and the sepolicy transition command is now used instead.
The sepolicy transition command queries a SELinux policy and creates a process transition report. The sepolicy transition command requires two command-line arguments – a source domain (specified by the -s option) and a target domain (specified by the -t option). If only the source domain is entered, sepolicy transition lists all possible domains that the source domain can transition to. The following output does not contain all entries. The @ character means execute:
~]$ sepolicy transition -s httpd_t
httpd_t @ httpd_suexec_exec_t --> httpd_suexec_t
httpd_t @ mailman_cgi_exec_t --> mailman_cgi_t
httpd_t @ abrt_retrace_worker_exec_t --> abrt_retrace_worker_t
httpd_t @ dirsrvadmin_unconfined_script_exec_t --> dirsrvadmin_unconfined_script_t
httpd_t @ httpd_unconfined_script_exec_t --> httpd_unconfined_script_t
If the target domain is specified, sepolicy transition examines SELinux policy for all transition paths from the source domain to the target domain and lists these paths. The output below is not complete:
~]$ sepolicy transition -s httpd_t -t system_mail_t
httpd_t @ exim_exec_t --> system_mail_t
httpd_t @ courier_exec_t --> system_mail_t
httpd_t @ sendmail_exec_t --> system_mail_t
httpd_t ... httpd_suexec_t @ sendmail_exec_t --> system_mail_t
httpd_t ... httpd_suexec_t @ exim_exec_t --> system_mail_t
httpd_t ... httpd_suexec_t @ courier_exec_t --> system_mail_t
httpd_t ... httpd_suexec_t ... httpd_mojomojo_script_t @ sendmail_exec_t --> system_mail_t
See the sepolicy-transition(8) manual page for further information about sepolicy transition.