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5.4. Generating Manual Pages: sepolicy manpage

The sepolicy manpage command generates manual pages based on the SELinux policy that document process domains. As a result, such documentation is always up-to-date. Each name of automatically generated manual pages consists of the process domain name and the _selinux suffix, for example httpd_selinux.
The manual pages include several sections that provide information about various parts of the SELinux policy for confined domains:
  • The Entrypoints section contains all executable files that need to be executed during a domain transition.
  • The Process Types section lists all process types that begin with the same prefix as the target domain.
  • The Booleans section lists Booleans associated with the domain.
  • The Port Types section contains the port types matching the same prefix as the domain and describes the default port numbers assigned to these port types.
  • The Managed Files section describes the types that the domain is allowed to write to and the default paths associated with these types.
  • The File Contexts section contains all file types associated with the domain and describes how to use these file types along with the default path labeling on a system.
  • The Sharing Files section explains how to use the domain sharing types, such as public_content_t.
See the sepolicy-manpage(8) manual page for further information about sepolicy manpage.