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Appendix B. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1-43Fri Feb 7 2020Jan Fiala
Async release with an update of the Compliance and Vulnerability Scanning chapter.
Revision 1-42Fri Aug 9 2019Mirek Jahoda
Version for 7.7 GA publication.
Revision 1-41Sat Oct 20 2018Mirek Jahoda
Version for 7.6 GA publication.
Revision 1-32Wed Apr 4 2018Mirek Jahoda
Version for 7.5 GA publication.
Revision 1-30Thu Jul 27 2017Mirek Jahoda
Version for 7.4 GA publication.
Revision 1-24Mon Feb 6 2017Mirek Jahoda
Async release with misc. updates, especially in the firewalld section.
Revision 1-23Tue Nov 1 2016Mirek Jahoda
Version for 7.3 GA publication.
Revision 1-19Mon Jul 18 2016Mirek Jahoda
The Smart Cards section added.
Revision 1-18Mon Jun 27 2016Mirek Jahoda
The OpenSCAP-daemon and Atomic Scan section added.
Revision 1-17Fri Jun 3 2016Mirek Jahoda
Async release with misc. updates.
Revision 1-16Tue Jan 5 2016Robert Krátký
Post 7.2 GA fixes.
Revision 1-15Tue Nov 10 2015Robert Krátký
Version for 7.2 GA release.
Revision 1-14.18Mon Nov 09 2015Robert Krátký
Async release with misc. updates.
Revision 1-14.17Wed Feb 18 2015Robert Krátký
Version for 7.1 GA release.
Revision 1-14.15Fri Dec 06 2014Robert Krátký
Update to sort order on the Red Hat Customer Portal.
Revision 1-14.13Thu Nov 27 2014Robert Krátký
Updates reflecting the POODLE vuln.
Revision 1-14.12Tue Jun 03 2014Tomáš Čapek
Version for 7.0 GA release.