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3.7. Starting a Process in a Control Group

Launch processes in a manually created cgroup by running the cgexec command. The syntax for cgexec is:
cgexec -g controllers:path_to_cgroup command arguments
  • controllers is a comma-separated list of controllers, or /* to launch the process in the hierarchies associated with all available subsystems. Note that, as with the cgset command described in Section 3.5, “Setting Cgroup Parameters”, if cgroups of the same name exist, the -g option creates processes in each of those groups.
  • path_to_cgroup is the path to the cgroup relative to the hierarchy;
  • command is the command to be executed in the cgroup;
  • arguments are any arguments for the command.
It is also possible to add the --sticky option before the command to keep any child processes in the same cgroup. If you do not set this option and the cgred service is running, child processes will be allocated to cgroups based on the settings found in /etc/cgrules.conf. The process itself, however, will remain in the cgroup in which you started it.