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Appendix B. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 2.2-9Mon Aug 05 2019Marie Doleželová
Document version for 7.7 GA publication.
Revision 2.2-6Mon Jul 24 2017Marie Doleželová
Document version for 7.4 GA publication.
Revision 2.2-5Tue Mar 21 2017Milan Navrátil
Asynchronous update: the Tuned chapter rewrite
Revision 2.0-2Fri Oct 14 2016Marie Doleželová
Version for 7.3 GA publication.
Revision 2.0-1Wed 11 Nov 2015Jana Heves
Version for 7.2 GA release.
Revision 1-3Fri 19 Jun 2015Jacquelynn East
Fixed incorrect package name in Core Infrastructure and Mechanics.
Revision 1-2Wed 18 Feb 2015Jacquelynn East
Version for 7.1 GA
Revision 1-1Thu Dec 4 2014Jacquelynn East
Version for 7.1 Beta
Revision 1.0-9Tue Jun 9 2014Yoana Ruseva
Version for 7.0 GA release
Revision 0.9-1Fri May 9 2014Yoana Ruseva
Rebuild for style changes.
Revision 0.9-0Wed May 7 2014Yoana Ruseva
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 release of the book for review purposes.
Revision 0.1-1Thu Jan 17 2013Jack Reed
Branched from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 version of the document