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A.9. x86_energy_perf_policy

The x86_energy_perf_policy tool allows administrators to define the relative importance of performance and energy efficiency. It is provided by the kernel-tools package.
To view the current policy, run the following command:
# x86_energy_perf_policy -r
To set a new policy, run the following command:
# x86_energy_perf_policy profile_name
Replace profile_name with one of the following profiles.
The processor does not sacrifice performance for the sake of saving energy. This is the default value.
The processor tolerates minor performance compromises for potentially significant energy savings. This is a reasonable saving for most servers and desktops.
The processor accepts potentially significant performance decreases in order to maximize energy efficiency.
For further details of how to use x86_energy_perf_policy, see the man page:
$ man x86_energy_perf_policy